Feeling tiredΒ 

Lately has been a very emotional time for me. My emotions are high. Running on pure exhaustion is pretty much how I’m feeling lately.  Trying to run a house with kids and a husband. I’m a one woman show no help,  yep I’m trying to do it all. I neglect myself, no time for myself because I’ve got kids to think about, a house to clean animals to care for…… Calgon please take me away from all the daily stresses haha who am I kidding… Life is a daily battle for myself anymore wondering what the hell I’m doing (right or wrong)?  Right now  it feels like everything I try turns to crap. But it’s life I’ve had things feelings before! And I knew what needed to be done in the past. But this time I have no idea!  Tootles for now! 

Love always, Jenn



So I’ve been thinking about things lately and I’ve been pondering this question. What legacy do I what to leave for my kids? Might ask why do you think this? Your a good mom! Well as I might say I am a damn good mother! I also have to think am I showing my kids everything in the right way? Am I showing them how to be a good mom and wife? Am I teaching them to be self sufficient? Strong?  How to stand up for them selves and not be a typical stereotype  (female)? I’m just not sure so I’m setting on on the adventure to teach my girls 17,15,9,5 how to rise above all but with kindness and mercy and forgiveness for mankind. To not be a victim in this world, to know her own worth and not settle for anything less.. stay tuned!!!!    

                                Your friend,


Feeling like a maid to all

A few weeks ago I opened my home to my husbands cousin and his 2 kids because the had no place to go. Well I’m really regretting it. I’m a maid I feel like I’ve got to husbands (and no its not good like that. Hehe) they are lazy no help when dinner is cooked every night by me cause ain’t no one else going to lift a finger. I fix everyone’s plate take it to them they do not get up to fix there own. My kids and husband gladly I’ll fix the plates but damn it I’m not the maid housekeeper servant waitress wth ever they think I’m really fixing to blow and it’s not good. I’m so sorry my blogs have a bad vibe with them but I’m so tired of feeling used and being disrespected I really need a break from it all 

Wow I don’t understand people it’s ridiculous  they want to know your there friend but get butt hurt when you go a day without talking to them. I don’t like daily conversation I don’t do needy friendships I don’t do those I have a husband and kids and I am busy with my own life. My house, my family,me will always be my main concern and when I feel the crap inside me rise I back off I go back to hibernation to get my own self right in the mind spirit and body.

My new news

This is a facebook post i made today. It’s something that has weighed on me for a while and I’ve thought about it and I hid from my family thru my computer screen for years disengaged only doing what is required my family deserves me and all of me. Electronics are evil. I’m making the change before I enforce my girls to do the same.

Actual Facebook post:
It’s been brought up with studies a d what have ya that Facebook is a manipulation tactic to make you feel either happy, sad,or any other emotion and that little red bubble that pops up showing you so and so liked your picture or status. Well that red bubble is evil it sucks you in and then your there lost for hours disengaged from family right in the same room so I’m choosing to hid my apps . So every time i open my phone it’s not right there.  You can still contact me here but I’m choosing to not be sucked  into it any longer so I may not reply immediately!


It’s been a while since I wrote anything I am terribly sorry there has been alot going on last week my kids had end of year parties and my prek er is no longer a baby she is now going into kindergarten she a big girl.


now and this mama has been taking in the fact that I am a proud mama to a senior in high school a freshman in high
school a 4th grader and a kindergartner. (Wow talk about putting it in perspective) along with the fact that my senior will be 18 in 6 months and has her first real relationship for the past 9 months (eeeeeekkkkkk) .
Well along with all of that my female dane has mange and I’ve been treating it yuckkky .


But in time she should get better. 😍😍 I’ve also been working on getting my house put together to host our memorial day cookout with family and friends. I love having people at my home but sometimes I can get a little overwhelmed and my anxiety starts thank God my sister and brother know how to calm that. Cause my husband still has no idea how to deal with my outburst or he doesn’t care one. I don’t know but either way I’m not all sunshine and rainbows it takes alot to be able to handle me and to this day I’ve only found a few that can…. oh and I’m getting new kitties to add to my zoo lol… I am so excited I can’t wait. OK I’ll stop boring everyone know with my gibberish and take my tired old cranky self to bed.. goodnight sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite.. 😴😴😴